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July/August 2022: Landlord and tenant – residential

Renting in Wales – delayed again

Anyone practising in Wales or dealing with properties in Wales should note that the implementation of the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 has been deferred. It had been intended to bring the Act into force on 15 July 2022 but it has been announced that the implementation will be put back to 1 December 2022. Some of the reasons given for the delay are representations from social Ls, Covid recovery and the war in Ukraine. The idea is to give Ls more time to complete the necessary preparation ahead of implementation. The Minister said:

‘I recognise that preparing new occupation contracts and ensuring that properties meet the fitness standards set out in the legislation are major undertakings, particularly for those landlords responsible for a large number of properties and tenants. I also accept that landlords from both private and public sectors, as well as letting agents and other stakeholders, would benefit from additional time to familiarise themselves with the various pieces of subordinate legislation – the final tranche of which are due to be made in July – before commencement.’

Practitioners advising Ls and Ts will no doubt welcome the extra time to get up to date. Source:

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