Practical Lawyer CPD 2021/22

The Practical Lawyer CPD

Welcome to the new CPD system for The Practical Lawyer.

If you wish to access your records, please ensure you are logged-in, have an active CPD membership and then visit your account page.

If you are unclear about whether you have access to the system, please contact


Below are the available courses to take. Within each course is a ‘quiz’ which corresponds to each month’s issue and the CPD questions contained within the print issue.


On each CPD monthly quiz you can now enter your answers and receive instant results.

Your historical scores are contained within your account page. Please note previous CPD years are a simple summary of total hours.

Please contact if you need records for years prior to the current.

End of year and monthly certificates can be printed as a PDF from your account page.


Please direct all initial feedback, suggestions or general comments on the system to